Neuralink, Twitter, space travel… At VivaTech, Elon Musk puts on a show



Elon Musk answered questions from Publicis president Maurice Lévy for an hour GONZALO FUENTES / REUTERS

The turbulent boss of Tesla, Space X, Twitter and Starlink exchanged for an hour on the stage of the Dome of Paris, on the occasion of the Vivatech show. But without making any announcement.

It was the event in the event: Elon Musk, the boss of SpaceX, Tesla and Twitter as a guest star at the Vivatech show. The richest man in the world was welcomed like a head of state by Maurice Lévy, the president of Publicis, transformed into Monsieur Loyal for the occasion. The two men exchanged in a good-natured atmosphere, on very varied subjects.

Maurice Lévy’s first question related to Twitter, the social network he acquired last year for $44 billion. Elon Musk’s response set the tone for the interview, between provocation and responses already heard elsewhere. “If I’m as smart as they say, why did I buy Twitter so expensive? launched Elon Musk, laughing at his own joke, in front of a conquered room. Ready to clown around, he claimed not be a demon but not an angel either. Before giving a simple explanation for his ability to carry out so many projects at the same time: “crystal meth does great things. If you believe that the Red Bull gives wings“.

Maurice Lévy then asked him about SpaceX: “We want to extend life beyond the Earth, it’s important, it’s a defense measure. We may be the only conscious beings in this galaxy, a fragile candle and we must do everything to maintain it. Earth needs to remain safe for civilization, while expanding possibilities for life to other galaxies“, explained Elon Musk, true to himself. Recalling having been interested in technology and science fiction from an early age.

A break from artificial intelligence.

After proposing to take a break from the development of artificial intelligence, Elon Musk explained that he does not “didn’t think anyone would be okay with taking a break. I think there is a real danger with artificial intelligence and if we are not careful we could see very negative consequences. Even if the essential is positive. I am in favor of AI regulation, I highly recommend it“.

Regulation should nevertheless stop at the gates of Twitter, which according to its owner, does not need it. He nevertheless claims to have decided to buy the social network for “preserve civilization from its corrosive aspect“. “ We’re seeing all-time highs in Twitter usage every week “, he says. According to him, the increase in time spent on Twitter is telling, as is the fact that major advertisers have returned or said they will return. ” Twitter is a positive force for civilization “, he launches.

AI is the most disruptive technology. Humans are the smartest of creatures and for the first time there is going to be something smarter than humans. I believe we live in the most interesting time. Tesla develops robots, we called it T-800 (the name of the Terminator in the eponymous movie)“, he added, hilarious.

Tesla, overvalued?

Questioned by Antoine Arnault (LVMH) on the valuation of Tesla, Elon Musk provided an interesting answer. It is not the number of cars sold that determines the company’s valuation – around 2 million last year – but the prospects for autonomy. “Today an individual car is used on average 10 hours per week. If we had a robot taxi that would be used 50 or 60 hours a week, that would change everything“. A way of apprehending the rupture brought about by the shift from property value to use value.

Elon Musk finally answered a few questions from the room, in an overheated atmosphere, with Maurice Lévy transformed into a school teacher to try to bring back some semblance of calm. The master of ceremonies, visibly annoyed by the indiscipline, let a little boy ask the last question. It was about Neuralink.

Neuralink is a long process. We will do our first implantation on a quadriplegic human this year, if all goes well, and he will be able to regain the functions he has lost, regain the use of his body, the signal will pass the lost connections. This is a first application, the first subject should be eligible this year. What to end on a positive note and sum up the state of mind of the terrible child of Tech: everything is possible.


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