Paco Len tells in El Hormiguero the advice that Nicolas Cage gave him on a filming



I attended the program with Ernesto Alterio


I coincided with the actor in The Unbearable Weight of a Colossal Talent

Paco Le
Paco León in El Hormiguero.Atresmedia

paco len I attended the anthill Thursday March 2. The actor, who presented the film Mari(two) next to ernesto alteriorevealed the advice he gave him Nicolas Cage in a shoot.

Len and Cage agreed on The unbearable weight of a huge talent. “They caught you without knowing English and without knowing how to drive in an action movie where you had to drive. How does this story continue?” Paul Motorcycles.

“Well, I lie very well, I don’t know, it must be. I pretend. In Mari(two) He also had to drive and he pretended to drive, but I don’t know. There it was to shoot, speak English and act bad. He gave the hit. I had a great time, really,” he admitted.

“Nicolas Cage gave me some very cool advice. I used to shoot, I wasn’t used to shooting in action and it scared me, I closed my eyes. This is very strange, but I can’t help it, it’s a reflex thing and burning casings jumped out Then he told me ‘you have to close your eye beforehand. You have your eye closed and then it doesn’t close anymore,” explained León, who closed his eyes slightly to demonstrate how it should be done.

The vindictive message of Ernesto Alterio

On the occasion of the premiere of Mari(two)Motos asked Ernesto why he would have to go to the cinema to see this film. “In the cinema is where a movie is really felt in all its dimension. The experience is much deeper, there is no one to distract you and you share the experience with other human beings who are vibrating at the same time as you, that energy will help you.” feed and it will make the experience much deeper and remain more inside. You have to see the movies in the cinema“, he asked.

In addition, León shared his idea for people to go to the movies: that the entrance has a different price depending on the tape. “why Batman either Avatarwhich has cost so much money, cost the same as a movie like carmina and amnWhat cost nothing? Can’t ours be cheaper, which has cost less? Apparently not,” she said.

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