Phil Tippett the whisperer of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas



With Mad God, Phil Tippett delivers a hallucinated visual poem without words. Chris Morley/Carlotta Films

INTERVIEW – This legendary special effects director, Oscar winner in 1993 for “Jurassic Park”, released his first feature film after thirty years of gestation.

With his long white beard, shiny skull and bushy eyebrows, he looks like a venerable mage from the Lord of the Rings. At 71 spring, Phil Tippett plays it a little, as if to better seduce his interlocutors. His voice is deep, slow and composed. Each answer seems weighed against common sense and memories of a bygone era.

On her right wrist, a Brazilian bracelet. The kind of trinket that, when it comes off with wear, allows its owner to make a wish. Phil Tippett can be reassured. His dearest wish has just come true: after thirty years of work, his stop motion animated film, MadGod, is on the screens.

This is the reward of a long career in the service of others. Because this special effects specialist worked in heroic times, from the end of New Hollywood to the arrival of digital effects, on Star Wars, Robocop, Starship Troopers Or Jurassic Park. “Contrary to what one might think, he says with a smile

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