relive the triumph of Steven Spielberg, the intervention of Volodymyr Zelensky and the whole ceremony



the Los Angeles Times obviously prefers the dramatic bad weather currently affecting California (the death toll is currently 17 dead) to the Golden Globes on the home page of its website this evening… and title about the ceremony: “The Golden Globes are coming back to life thanks to Hollywood stars who are giving struggling awards a second chance”. The Californian daily explains that despite the threat of a generalized boycott which hovered, the stars Margot Robbie, Michelle Williams, Billy Porter or even Steven Spielberg walked the red carpet in Beverly Hills. Unsurprisingly, Tom Cruise or Brendan Frasier were absent, due to their dispute with HFPA. The winner Kevin Costner was also absent, but him, because of the torrential rains which block him in Santa Barbara, where he resides.
For his part the New York Times title : “As the Golden Globes attempt a comeback, the stars return to the stage”. And the New York daily concludes: “After two years of upheaval caused by ethical, diversity and financial scandals, Hollywood is done with pretending that the Golden Globes are markers of artistic excellence. (…) The Golden Globes is business, pure and simple”.


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