Robert De Niro’s nephew Leandro has died. He was 19 years old



Is dead Leandro De Niro Rodriguez 19-year-old nephew of actor Robert De Niro. Like his grandfather, for some years the young man, son of De Niro’s adopted daughter, Drain, had embarked on a career in the film business. “I don’t know how to live without you”, wrote her mother on her social networks, “I wish love could save you”. The cause of her death is still unknown at the moment.

“My beautiful sweet angel, I have loved you beyond words since the moment I felt you in my belly,” writes Drena via social. “You have been my joy, my heart and everything that has been pure and real in my life. I wish I was with you now,” continues De Niro’s daughter. “I can’t live without you, but I will try to carry on and spread the love and light that you have made me feel for being your mom. You were so deeply loved and cherished and I only wished that love could save you.”

Drena, 51, also launched into a film career, never knew her biological father and was adopted by Robert De Niro in 1976, when she was 9, during the actor’s marriage to the actress Diahnne Abbott.

Leandro was born in 2004, following a now ended relationship of Drena with the artist Carlos Rodriguez. An emerging actor together with his mother, Leandro had also joined the cast of the film among others A star is Born and in Cabaret Maxime.


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