Ron DeSantis rushes to the White House hand in hand with Elon Musk




The Republican governor formalizes his candidacy in a document delivered to the federal electoral commission before making it official with a chat on Twitter

Republican candidate Ron DeSantis.
Republican candidate Ron DeSantis.Robert F. BukatyPA
  • Profile Ron DeSantis aspires to be a ‘Super Trump’ in the elections
  • Elections Ron DeSantis, the only one who can wrest the Republican throne from Trump

What was an open secret will be officially confirmed with a live broadcast on Twitter, with a media deployment at the height of the times. Ron DeSantis, governor of florida, announce his candidacy for the White House for the Republican Party on Wednesday night with a live conversation with the owner of the social network, the always prickly Elon Musk, in a new and surprising element with which the Jacksonville man intends to do as much noise as possible from the start. And, hours before, DeSantis formalized his candidacy in a document delivered to the federal electoral commission.

It will be the starting signal for what seems, a priori, the only one among the shortlist of aspiring Republicans that could complicate the re-election options of former President Donald Trump. DeSantis is an old-fashioned conservativeperceived among the bases of the party as the ideal option to return to a path of a certain normality after the irruption of a figure as polarizing as it is dangerous and harmful for the future of the formation.

Trump, for his part, is as clear that DeSantis will be his main rival to beat in these primaries as DeSantis is the fact that he needs to beat the former president in visibility and attention at all costs. That is why it is not surprising that the governor of Florida starts with a coup, surrounding himself with what is possibly the most controversial and famous businessman in the world at the moment. Despite not having Musk’s official support for his candidacy, it is still an important point in his favor.

And for the South African it is a shrewd strategic move to ensure that a significant part of the election is settled and debated in his forum. The traffic will come in handy in his attempt to justify the mammoth investment of 44,000 million dollars that he paid for the platform. He could even encourage Trump to reactivate his Twitter account now that he no longer weighs on the veto imposed by the previous board of directors.

The supporters of the former US president did not take long to react. His candidacy had not even been officially confirmed and they were already criticizing the ways chosen by the governor to announce it. “This is one of the wildest campaign pitches in modern history,” he said Tuesday. Caroline Leavittspokesperson for Make America Great Again, a support group for the former president. “The only thing less close than a campaign launch via Twitter is DeSantis’ after party at the Four Seasons resort for the elite Four Seasons in Miami.”

Not only was the celebration at the luxurious hotel planned for some of his most powerful contributors, but also an interview on Fox News with Tey Gowdyformer congressman from South Carolina.

The challenge of defeating Trump

Now the million dollar question is whether or not DeSantis has a real chance of defeating Trump. The polls clearly say no, but the history of previous primaries tells a very different story. There are cases like that of Barack Obama, who, being below 20% in voting intentions, managed to break the indisputable favoritism of Hillary Clinton in the final stretch of the Democratic primaries. This is also the case of former Arizona senator John McCainwho ended up signing a spectacular comeback to become the Republican candidate in 2008.

DeSantis has time to improve his numbers in the polls, which at the moment show a complicated picture. According to the portal Real Clear Politics, the New York tycoon leads the rest of the pursuers by 36 points on average. He has more than 50% voting intention compared to 19% for Jacksonville. The rest of those confirmed and those who could join the race -names like Asa Hutchinson, Mike Pence, Vivek Ramaswamy, Tim Scott either nikki haley-, does not even reach 5% of options to attract voters.

Taking the cat into the water, the polls show a tie between DeSantis and President Joe Biden, who announced his intention to seek re-election a month ago.

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