Russell Crowe returns to Gladiator in Ostia Antica: “Hey, I’m Max. But where have the men gone?”



“Hey, Cicero, this is Max (Massimo Decimo Meridio, the character he plays in Gladiator, ed), I’m in Ostia”. Russell Crowe drives the web crazy: the actor is in fact in Ostia Antica, and from there, wearing the role of the famous general of the 2000 colossal film directed by Ridley Scott, he posted a video in which he pretends to speak on the telephone with his faithful servant Cicero. “Where are the men? Why did they go away?”, says Crowe looking around the ruins of Ostia Antica. “No, no, of course, it’s understandable – the Gladiator still says to Cicero – Yes, it took me a while”.

Russell Crowe’s social appeal to the Romans: “Help me find the caricaturist who portrayed my children in Piazza Navona”

The hashtag of the video, ‘#Gladiator2’, with which the New Zealand actor refers to the sequel of the film whose release date is set for November 22, 2024, is eloquent. “We’ll talk to you soon”, says Massimo Decimo Meridio to Cicero, before closing the conversation and leaving the ruins of Ostia Antica. Within minutes, the video went viral.

Many comments from Internet users, including laughter, enthusiasm and jokes. “I imagine the voice of Luca Ward (Crowe’s voice actor in the film, ed) saying ‘I am Massimo Decimo Meridio'”, writes a user quoting one of the famous phrases from the film. “But stay here behind the house, let’s go to lunch together!” wrote another. “Roma loves you”, says yet another eloquently for everyone.


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