Skincare for the over 40s: according to Jessica Alba, it all starts with a mask



He will be 42 on April 28, but the looks of Jessica Alba tells more: the skin of the American actress, in fact, is not very different from the times in which she starred in Sin Cityin 2005. Of course, body care has always been important to her, so much so that in 2011, inspired by her story of childhood diseases (caused by chronic allergies) and the birth of her first daughter, she launched The Honest Company with 17 references for children, to which skincare, make-up and home products were also added. Hers have anticipated the trend of clean beautythen exploded a few years later: after Jessica Alba’s mother and other women who raised her fell ill with various types of cancer, none genetic, the actress’s priority became to create products free of endocrine disruptors and substances toxic.


Jessica Alba green entrepreneur: ”Acting is now a hobby for me”

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With these premises, her brand was born, one of the first beauty brands launched by a star, which she transformed Alba into one of the most powerful entrepreneurs in the industry. Not too surprising, then, that her skin is one of the most beautiful of all forties in Hollywood. And the merit, as well as his own facialist Shani Darden, is also about its products and the way it uses them. Interviewed by The Cut, Jessica Alba revealed that the secret of her smooth and luminous skin is hydration, which she pursues by overturning the traditional steps of the skincare routine.


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“I’m an older woman. It’s okay to have smile lines and all, but it’s also very important keep skin super hydrated“, he said. To do so, Jessica Alba is a follower of the so-called reverse skincare launched by TikTok: instead of the classic routine with the application of tonic-serum-cream, reverse skincare involves starting the layering with a cream to use as a base mask, then proceeding with a tonic and finishing with a moisturizer. Jessica Alba does her own take on reverse skincare, starting with an anti-aging mask, which she then rinses off before proceeding with serum and cream. Here is her skincare routine in detail.


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After getting an average of eight hours of sleep, the first thing the actress does in the morning is meditate: “I usually get ready the night before. I put my headphones on my bedside table so that when I wake up, before starting my day without stop, I just have to put them on,” she says. After the mind cure, she proceeds with skincare, but from the inside out, with a morning electrolyte drink to keep skin hydrated.

At this point, the actress begins the real skincare routine and starts by applying an anti-aging mask – Honest Beauty Prep + Prime Mask with vitamin E and shea butter – which she keeps in place together with some eye patches while she prepares breakfast to her family (husband Cash Warren and children Honor Marie, 14, Haven Garner, 11, and Hayes, 5): “The look of this mask totally scares my son!”

Once rinsed off, the mask continues with a moisturizing serum rich in antioxidants, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid (Honest Beauty Daily Green Juice Antioxidant Super Serum) and the last product she applies is her daily moisturizing cream specially formulated for sensitive skin, which evening routine replaces with its light and plumping hydrogel cream. After using the products, Jessica Alba uses the tool of her facialist to help define the contours of her face: Shani Darden Skin Care Facial Sculpting Wand, a sound wave technological tool that makes the skin firmer and smooth.

Finally, even becoming a mother has had a significant impact on her beauty and on the idea she has of it: “Before becoming a mother, my femininity was defined by society’s standards on what it means to be desirable for men”, she continues in her interview with The Cut. “Now I understand what it means to feel powerful from a woman’s point of view: it’s about how connected you feel to yourself. You end up attracting people when you’re confident and feel good in your own skin. And that’s a byproduct of ‘to be connected to your feminine energy’.


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