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Brad Pitt plays a hitman

going through an existential crisis
Bullet Train. Sony Pictures/Scott Garfield / 2022 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. and TSG Entertainment II LLC. All Rights Reserved.

In this film which combines derision and spectacular choreography, the actor is hilarious as a somewhat rickety killer. bullet traina feature film not to be missed this Wednesday April 12 at 9 p.m. on Canal + Cinéma and on MyCanal.

At 60, Tom Cruise, white teeth and shiny hair, still flies planes. Brad Pitt, he assumes his age. At 58, the star travels by train. Like an ordinary passenger. Or almost. When he boards the Shinkansen, the high-speed train that connects Tokyo to Kyoto, he is in full briefing on the phone with the “referent” of his new mission. Contract killers also go through existential crises. Ladybug (her code name), strong in therapy, now considers her job without weapons or violence. That’s good, it’s just a matter of stealing a briefcase from the train. But Ladybug has bad karma. Bad luck sticks to his skin.

Zen in a world of bullies

We have known since Burn After Reading that Brad Pitt could make people laugh without losing an ounce of charisma. In the comedy of the Coen brothers, he was irresistible as a complete moronic physical trainer. In Bullet Train, he’s brilliant as a Zen-loving, somewhat brazen killer in a world of brutes. He wouldn’t make as many sparks if he didn’t have partners at his level. Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry make up a hilarious duo of English killers, Mandarine and Citron, fraternal twins and real weirdos. Joey King isn’t bad either as Prince, a sociopath with a schoolgirl look in a pink skirt. We also meet an angry South American drug trafficker, a poisoner (the Hornet) whose bites make her eyes bleed, a vengeful “former”, a ridiculous mascot and a slew of henchmen in the pay of the White Hand, cruel sponsor and loving father (Michael Shannon, more disturbing without than with a mask).

Joyful Roller Coaster

Asia, South Korea in particular, is the purveyor of the best train movies lately. between the dystopia SnowpiercerTHE Snowpiercer of Bong Joon-ho and the Last Train to Busan Filled with Sang-ho Yeon zombies, the rail boasts a good (carbon) balance. That Bullet Train either a transposition of a Japanese novel by Kotaro Isaka published in 2010 is therefore not a surprise. What the American David Leitch, a former stunt double who was Brad Pitt’s understudy, is more surprising. Moving on to directing, he breathed a spirit of derision into moribund action cinema. Deadpool 2, Atomic Blonde, Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw And John Wick, thanks to which Keanu Reeves managed an improbable comeback, bear his mark. In Bullet Train, Leitch is incredibly inventive. Brad Pitt fights more like a Jackie Chan, or even a Buster Keaton, than a Bruce Lee. Fans of tortillards and other “slow trains” will pass their turn. The others will take a ticket for this delightful roller coaster.

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