The revelation of Will Smith awarded for “Emancipation”: “On the set a white actor spat in my chest twice”



Eleven months after the famous slap at Chris Rock, Will Smith reappeared at an award show in Hollywood. He received the Beacon Award on the occasion of the awardsAfrican American Film Critics Association for the movie emancipation Of Antoine Fuqua. The actor had already earned recognition a few days ago, for Best Actor at the NAACP Image Awards, awards that are intended to honor outstanding representations and achievements of people of color in film, television, music and literature but he was not gone to withdraw it.

Instead, last night together with the director and production of the film Apple, the Oscar winner (on the same night he slapped the comedian he also won the Academy Award for best actor for King Richard) took the stage to collect the accolade. And she told an anecdote from the making of the film that made the audience roar with laughter.

Will Smith: ‘I’ve made my mistakes, but you get better through pain’

by Arianna Finos

emancipation it was the hardest film of my entire career. It was all outdoors. It was the second day of shooting, the temperature was 43 degrees… I had to shoot a scene with one of the white actors. The actor decided to improvise, let’s shoot. I tell my joke and he tells his. And then, unexpectedly, he spat in the middle of my chest. Evidently he was convinced that the improvisation had gone well. So on the second take I say my line, he says his and he spits in the middle of my chest again… I hear a voice in the distance. Antoine who says: “Hey, let’s make another one but without the spit”. That’s when I realized that God exists.”

Will Smith, the first prize after the slap. NAACP Image Award Best Actor for ‘Emancipation’

by the Spettacoli editorial staff

The slavery movie Antoine Fuqua it was supposed to come out shortly after the Oscars, but it had been postponed and was then released in December first in theaters and then in streaming. The film is a title that was given as a possible contender for the best picture despite Will Smith was banned for ten years from the ceremony, but which did not get the nomination instead. It tells the story of a slave in Louisiana in the 1860s. Forcibly torn from his family and reduced to slavery, forced to do hard labor and to see constant scenes of abuse, humiliation and torture against other black prisoners, Peter manages to rebel and flee to the swamps in search of freedom.


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