The smile of Johnny Depp, the glory of Michael Douglas and the words of Catherine Deneuve launch the Cannes Film Festival



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WE WERE THERE – Between two pieces of music, the mistress of ceremonies Chiara Mastroianni launched with discretion, but efficiency, the 76th edition, Tuesday evening.

A policewoman checks the trunk of the long BMW that is heading towards the Palais des Festivals. The young woman, platinum blonde muse of a luxury brand, goes up her window. We see him perfecting this face which will be, throughout the fortnight, his business card. The arrival of cars near the “bunker” obeys specific rules. That of the spectators, too. The agents, on the red carpet, almost lose their nerves to make the 2500 people flock to the room.

Voices scream: Johnny Depp has arrived at the foot of the red carpet. Sketching a difficult smile, the American – whom we almost hoped not to see disembark to further fuel his hothead legend – lends himself to the signing game for a long time. The arrival of Pierre Richard on his right brings him joy. A complicity was visibly born on the set of Jeanne du Barry . The Tall Blond kisses the ex-beautiful brunette from Hollywood. We gladly commented on the supposedly capricious attitude of Johnny Depp on the set of the film, which opened the festival. Hand in hand with her American-accented Louis XV, director Maïwenn puts an end to the rumours.

Brie Larson in tears

The team is, in any case, all on its own “emotion” to present this feature film which takes place in Versailles. This term is the one used by Chiara Mastroianni in her introductory speech. After the usual celebration of the “the magic of cinema that allows access to freedom”the discreet but effective mistress of ceremonies of this 76th edition of the festival has indeed insisted on this emotion », which creates all the euphoria in Cannes: that of the filmmakers who have finally come to unveil their creation. That of viewers who eagerly ask only to discover them.

A few minutes later, the president of the jury Ruben Östlund receives an ovation which of course earned him his two gold palms, but also this scathing irony on the modern world for which we are grateful to him. In his speech, he falls head over heels for these phones that alienate us and on short formats, which divert us from the room. Tik Tok, festival partner since 2022, will appreciate. The British singer Gabriels soon arrives on stage. Her stand-by-me moves actress Brie Larson, member of the jury, who lets out American tears. Ruben Östlund seems much less affected. Their deliberations promise to be eventful.

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A thought for Ukraine

Michael Douglas introduces himself. The friendliest villain of Hollywood received, a year after Forest Whitaker, a palme d’or of honor. His career is rewound on screen in an ideal demo reel. We should give a palm to the editors who make these great videos every year. The 76-year-old actor evokes, among other memories, the dinners between Frank Sinatra, Gregory Peck and his father, Kirk. This giant of a father who took up so much space, and of whom he speaks today with an almost timid tenderness. “If I had known how famous you would be, I would have been nicer to you when you were little”had launched the hero of the Paths of Glory. With smile ? The story does not say.

Another famous filiation of cinema, Chiara Mastroianni welcomes, to close the ceremony, Catherine Deneuve, her mother. The great actress doesn’t seem to pay attention to the festival poster, above the stage, which shows her fifty years earlier. In homage to Ukraine, she read a poem by Lessia Oukraïnka, who boasted with nostalgia, in the 19th century, of the mounds and plains of her country. A technical problem will have prevented viewers from fully enjoying it. The festival seems to feel guilty for being a party place. He did not push the flogging to give a platform to the CGT, which would have asked only that. Leaving this ceremony, we think back to the first steps of Chiara Mastroianni on stage, singing Luigi Tenco. In one minute, the actress had won the votes. So almost nothing is enough: to be half Italian…

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