The Tesla that makes the “farts”, here are the jokes of Elon Musk



ROME – From the spacecraft dedicated to space tourists, to the tube suspended in the air that allows you to travel on the road at supersonic speeds: there are no limits to the creativity of the founder of Tesla. But perhaps not everyone knows that Elon Musk, as well as being brilliant, is also an incorrigible joker and that Tesla cars have not only marked a turning point in electric mobility but are also equipped with a series of “trick” functions that can be activated by drivers.

One of the funniest – as the Wall Street Journal points out in a recent article – is the one that makes it possible to reproduce flatulent noises, the so-called “farts”, through the car’s speakers, both internal and external. For example, if you want to make a joke or embarrass the passenger next to you, you can secretly configure the flatulent noise by choosing it via the Entertainment menu in the Toybox section and transmitting it via the loudspeaker to
him closer. The unexpected noise will come when the passenger leans back in the seat. The same sound can be played outdoors through the speakers of the Tesla pedestrian alarm system. In this case, however, the flatulent noise, which is part of a range of personalized sounds that the Tesla driver can reproduce to signal his presence to pedestrians, can however be reproduced
only if the car is parked.

A decision made in February 2022 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) because, in its opinion, if transmitted outside this unusual noise could have increased the possibility of a collision and represent a safety problem for pedestrians.

Through software, all Teslas have access to this mode and you can choose from six flatulent noise variations. But the playground that Musk has placed in his Tesla is much larger. There are 10 fun functions that can be activated on the cars and range from ‘Romantic Mode’, which provides for the display of a crackling fireplace, creating the perfect environment for drinking tea, writing poetry or having amorous encounters, to transforming the dashboard navigating a rainbow street or the surface of mars.

Christmas lovers, on the other hand, will be able to view their Tesla transformed into a sled, which will perform a light show in which the car performs a dance
programmed to the Christmas classic ‘Carl the Bells’, with waving windows and flashing head and lights. And it is said that Musk does not reserve us other ‘divertissements’.


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