Titan, James Cameron will not make the film. “I’m not in talks and never will be” – Corriere.it



Of Simon Marchetti

According to the Sun, the director would be the first choice for a project dedicated to the OceanGate submarine which imploded as it approached the wreck of the Titanic, causing the death of the five people on board, but the official denial has arrived

James Cameron do not make a film about the tragedy of Titan, the OceanGate submarine that imploded last month while trying to approach the wreck of the Titanic, killing all five people on board. It was the director himself who explained it clearly with a laconic tweetin response to allegations from the Sun that Cameron was the first choice to direct and that negotiations were already underway with a streaming network.

a project that is close to his heart – an insider had in fact told the tabloid – . He told the story of the Titanic in such a passionate way that tackling the story of the Titan was a natural step for him. But although the director is a Submarine diving enthusiast, the reality couldn’t be more different. I usually don’t respond to offensive rumors in the media, but now I have to: I’m not in talks for a film on the OceanGate and never will be, Cameron wrote on social media, not surprisingly, thus closing the issue.

In the days of the tragedy, when the frantic search for the Titan was still going on, the director had expressed all his perplexities about the expedition. Many within the community had expressed concerns about this submarine – he told ABC News – and a good number of operators in this engineering sector had even written letters to his partner, stating that what they were doing was too experimental to be able to bring of passengers and which had to be certified.

July 17, 2023 (change July 17, 2023 | 5:54 pm)


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