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Premiere in the capital of the seventh chapter of the blockbuster, Dead Reckoning Part One, directed by McQuarrie. Agent Hunt battles artificial intelligence

It took service in 1996, calling Brian De Palma to direct it in the footsteps of the popular TV series created by Bruce Geller of which he was a fan since he was a child. Tom Cruise returns for the seventh time with his most beloved character, Ethan Hunt, agent of the Mission Impossible Force in the new film, Mission: Impossible. Dead Reckoning Part One (in theaters from July 12 with Eagle Pictures) which he produced with the director, his artistic partner of 16 years, Christopher McQuarrie. Together, thanks to the proceeds of Top Gun: Maverick, have saved the cinema, to quote Steven Spielberg. Here they are battling the global threat of criminal use of artificial intelligence. With Cruise engaged in a grueling game of four-dimensional chess against an algorithm, and a villains His name is Gabriel who is an elusive enigma, without losing his taste for more material challenges. Like jumping into the void from a Norwegian mountain with a motorcycle and a parachute, running over the carriages of the Orient Express, being chased on a yellow 500 by a war-ready Hummer through the streets of central Rome, between the Colosseum, via of the Imperial Forums and Trinit dei Monti (one of the balustrades of the stairway will end up in a thousand pieces, only virtual thank goodness), defying death between Venetian bridges and sottoporteghi.

With Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning the cast — veterans Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Ving Rhames, Vanessa Kirby, newcomers Hayley Atwell, Esai Morales, Pom Klemenieff, even the revived Henry Czerny — has traveled the world: Norway, Abu Dhabi, the desert, the Alps Austrians. But the Italian settings are the ones on which the promotion focuses, with the world premiere tonight in Rome with Tom and colleagues engaged in two red carpets, in the afternoon in Piazza di Spagna, then at the Auditorium della Conciliazione (where the screening will take place), then guests of honor at the party on the Caffarelli terrace of the Capitoline Museums. Rome is certainly the most challenging place to shoot action scenes — says the director al Courier —, the streets are narrow, the cobblestones create unpredictable effects. The Fiat 500? A pure coincidence. At the time of Mission: Impossible. Fallout in Paris, I had seen one, it struck me and I took a picture. I thought sooner or later to use it. Arrived in Rome, I found a yellow one parked, it was as if the city itself suggested it to me. Five years ago Fallout grossed $791 million. In a few weeks we will know if Cruise has replicated the feat at the box office. The film divided into two parts. We had never done it before, the complexity required it – explains Cruise -, the dimensions of both are epic in every sense. The spirit of him with all the directors involved — De Palma, John Woo, JJ Abrams, Brad Bird — remained the same. Risk everything, true to the motto: Don’t be careful, be prepared. When I needed money as a boy I had to learn how to mow. In my films, I had to learn to fly a helicopter, drive through traffic, jump out of an airplane or down a mountain. If in 1996 Mission Impossible looked to the future promising technological gadgets that today make us smile due to obsolescence, the seventh chapter rides the topical theme of artificial intelligence but does so by looking to the past. Exalting the great beauty of Rome and Venice, paying homage to iconic objects of the analogue world, the 500, the Zippo, the magnetic tapes. A nostalgic touch that, says McQuarrie, promotes emotional involvement. Fans too. Already looking forward to Dead Reckoning Part Two. On paper, the final chapter. But never say never. Even with Ethan Hunt.

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