Tom Cruise prepares for space stunts for his orbiting movie project



Featured in the last Impossible missionthe actor has confirmed his desire to shoot a feature film in space.

At 61, Tom Cruise seems far from wanting to retire. At the premiere of Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1, the actor confirmed to the American magazine variety his desire to shoot a film in orbit. Better, the project announced in 2020 would allow him to become the first “tourist” to go out into space.

‘Mission: Impossible 7’: How Tom Cruise became Hollywood’s daredevil

Directed by Doug Liman, director with whom he had worked for Edge of Tommorow, the American must embody an unlucky man who turns out to be the only one who can save the Earth. The 200 million euro production would be carried out in partnership with NASA and Space X, the space company of multi-billionaire Elon Musk. The trip to the international space station and the filming on board should be supervised by astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria, record holder for the United States for the number of spacewalks.

Spectators will have to be patient, however, because no date has yet been set for the release and even for the filming, while the flight schedule to the ISS is set months in advance. ” We’re working on it diligently, I’m waiting to see where the project takes us“, has simply eluded the actor to variety.

The return of the space conquest

As in the good old race for stars, the American project, announced in 2020, was overtaken by the Russian ambition of Klim Chipenko. The Soviet director released The challenge in April 2023. A drama filmed in 12 days on the International Space Station. It tells the story of a doctor (played by Yuliya Peresild) whose mission is to save an injured astronaut who cannot be repatriated to Earth. The title of the film sounds like a snub to American competition. A cold and continuous rivalry that feeds our curiosity to see the next stunts of Tom Cruise in weightlessness.


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