Tom Hanks, big winner of the Razzie Awards, anti-Oscars celebrating the worst performances


Two “Razzies” were awarded to the American actor for his portrayal of Elvis Presley’s manager in the biopic dedicated to the “King”.

Two-time Oscar-winning film giant Tom Hanks added two much less enviable prizes to his collection on Saturday, the Razzie Awards, which poke fun at Hollywood ceremonies by pinning down the worst films of the year.

The “Razzies” judged that the American actor had signed the worst performance of the year in a supporting role, playing the manager of Elvis Presley in the biopic Elvis. The film was critically acclaimed, garnering eight Oscar nominations – including Best Actor for Austin Butler, who plays the “King” of rock’n’roll.

Unfortunately, Tom Hanks’ performance did not receive the same reception. Critics weren’t kind to the star, whose physical appearance had been altered with prosthetics – deemed too conspicuous – to embody Colonel Tom Parker. The “Razzies” have also awarded the prize for “worst couple on screen” to Tom Hanks and his latex-laden face (not to mention his ridiculous accent).

The actor will have at least avoided victory in the terrible category of the worst actor of the year – for which he had also been nominated. His acting in the Disney remake of Pinocchiowhere he plays Gepetto, was considered less bad than that of Jared Leto, a regular at the Razzie Awards, in Morbius.

Blonde haira biopic about Marilyn Monroe, was named the worst film of the year.

The Golden Raspberry Awards, the official name of the Razzies, were invented in a Los Angeles living room in 1981 by former film students and Hollywood professionals. They are traditionally awarded the day before the Academy Awards.

Accustomed to making fun of the Hollywood elite, the organizers this time showed self-mockery by awarding themselves a prize for having nominated an actress barely out of childhood. The ‘Razzies’ last month rescinded the nomination of Ryan Kiera Armstrong – then 12 years old – for her role in Firestarter.

When presenting the awards on Saturday, the organizers explained that they had replaced the very young star in the category of the worst actress, which they “won hands down”. They are not at their first misstep. Last year, they had created a category dedicated solely to performances deemed disappointing by Bruce Willis. Organizers withdrew the award after the actor’s family announced he had a cognitive impairment, which has since been diagnosed as an incurable form of dementia.

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