Trial of Kevin Spacey: Elton John and partner David Furnish witnesses for the defense



In the process against Kevin Spacey, on the scene at Southwark Crown Court in London, for sexual assault to which the actor pleaded not guilty, Elton John and his mate David Furnish they were called to testify as part of the defense.

The musician and his partner gave their testimony separately, via videolink, online from Munich. And they provided statements about Spacey’s presence at the White Tie and Tiara Annual Ball in the early 2000s and whether the actor ever visited their Windsor home, according to the site variety.


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Elton John, who gave his last concert as a touring artist in Sweden last week explained: ‘I was asked if I recognized one of the alleged victims who accused Kevin Spacey of sexual assault and I said I neither recognize the man nor his name”.

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Elton John was also questioned, he always tells varietyon Spacey’s attendance at the White Tie and Tiara ball. The artist said he remembers Spacey’s arrival at the event in 2001 because “he arrived in tails. He arrived on a private jet and went straight to the dance,” John told prosecutor, Christine Agnew. KC extension. When Agnew asked if Spacey had arrived directly from the private jet, John replied with a smile: “I suppose so, I don’t think he wore a tailcoat on a commercial flight.” “You never know, I suppose,” Agnew replied wryly. Elton John also testified that Spacey had spent the night at his home in Windsor after the prom, but had never visited him before.

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David Furnish, also questioned about Spacey’s attendance at the ball, testified that the actor had only attended one of the balls, in 2001. When asked if the star of House of Cards had ever attended the ball in other years, Furnish said no.

Furnish also acknowledged one of Spacey’s alleged victims, saying, “She was a bit sassy, ​​always had a sly smile on her face. We could always joke around with her.” When asked if he thought the man was “handsome,” Furnish replied, “He was very handsome.”


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