‘Tyler Rake 2’. “If I ever leave Australia, I would go live in Spain,” promises Chris Hemsworth



He may never win an Oscar, but there is no doubt that Chris Hemsworth (Melbourne, 1983) is a star. This is demonstrated by the autograph hunters camped at the gates of the Villamagna hotel and the mess that he caused on Wednesday night on Madrid’s Gran Vía, paralyzed for the premiere of ‘Tyler Rake 2’, sequel to the successful action film that he starred in for Netflix and which opens on June 16. If even Queen Letizia fulfilled the dream of her daughter, Princess Sofía, of meeting Thor and she went to the set on Calle Alcalá where ‘El Hormiguero’ is recorded. The public did not find out about the informal meeting, not so the writing of the Pablo Motos space, which the Queen wanted to visit to greet her components.

For ordinary mortals, Hemsworth is Thor in the Marvel movies and the husband of Elsa Pataky, with whom he has been married for thirteen years and has three children. The quintessential Australian sex symbol, who will turn 40 in August with no apparent signs of physical decline. With his 1.91m, he almost has to bend down to enter through the door of the suite to chat with a small group of journalists. He crosses his arms behind his head, displaying the tattoos that adorn his biceps, and his chest rumbles as he coughs into it. The sweetness of his blue eyes contrasts with a deep voice, which is not heard much in the second installment of the adventures of the mercenary Tyler Rake.

Trailer for ‘Tyler Rake 2’.

The film by Sam Hargrave, a former specialist turned director, opts for action to the detriment of dialogue. It is a highly entertaining and at times dazzling succession of chases, fights and shootings, in which its main character comes to the rescue of a family in a Georgian jail and has to suffer the relentless harassment of the most powerful mafia family in the country.

‘Tyler Rake 2’ offers incredible action scenes shot without cuts, as if they were a video game, as well as an unprecedented level of violence. His hero kills without mercy, but also receives a harsh punishment that forced this champion of healthy living to get even more fit.

“Each film requires different physical training,” he explains. “You can choose to go big or stay on a smaller scale. I came from doing Thor, where I was much bigger than what this movie demanded. I reduced my size with martial arts, cardio and a more functional part. I didn’t need such a muscular version.” Filming in the Czech Republic, he recalls, was not easy. «Fourteen hours of filming a day and two hours of rehearsal at night. Exhausting. The training allowed me to approach the game while being in shape, injure myself less and be much more flexible. Everything is shot with a single camera, there are practically no doubles or green screens (chroma) ».

Chris Hemsworth with the director of ‘Tyler Rake 2’, Sam Hargrave, and the actresses Golshifteh Farahani and Olga Kurylenko.

According to the ‘Avengers’ star, audiences are bored with digital effects and will appreciate the verism of ‘Tyler Rake’. “We could have shot it in warm Los Angeles, but we went to Prague, snowing, with 300 extras, explosions everywhere and my arm on fire.” In his case, he reveals, the first reading of a script is essential when choosing a project. “You have to trust your intuition. I try to see if it connects with me, if it is different from what I have done before and if it connects with the public », he lists. The basis of ‘Tyler Rake 2’ is pure and hard action, but there is also a macho and abusive villain who suffers from his children. “My parents worked for many years in a child protection program,” says the actor. “I realized the importance of the first years in a child’s life in shaping his personality.”

A very deep connection

The premiere of ‘Tyler Rake 2′ coincides with the writers’ strike that has paralyzed American cinema, “a complex situation”, in the actor’s words. “We need all parties to be heard and seen, to reach an agreement that everyone feels comfortable with. I hope the issue of the scriptwriters is resolved soon. I have many friends who work as technicians, with cables and cranes, and this hurts them because they are going to find themselves unemployed.”

In the case of Chris Hemsworth, just as important as his films are his photos on Instagram (57 million followers), which have made him the best possible ambassador of a paradisiacal Australia. His mansion with four hectares of land in Byron Bay has served as a magnet for other celebrities such as Nicole Kidman and Natalie Portman, who also have a home in this small town of 9,000 inhabitants. However, Pataky’s husband is clear about where to live if he ever leaves the Antipodes.

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataki release Tasmanian devils in an Australian bush.

Aussie Ark

«I love Spain, I have always felt a very deep connection thanks to my wife. I love coming, I adore the people, their culture… There is something very familiar and very friend-oriented that I adore. If one day I leave Australia or they kick me out, I would live in Spain », she promises.


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