Were Ross and Rachel on a break? Jennifer Aniston lifts (finally) the veil on the eternal debate of Friends



VIDEO – Guest of “C à vous” on Wednesday evening, the actress gave her version of the facts on one of the cult sequences of the American sitcom.

“For a long time to come you will be asked whether or not you had broken up? Were you on a break? », asked Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine, in French then in English, to Jennifer Aniston. Come to promote the film Murder Mystery 2 Wednesday evening in “C à vous”, the American actress did not escape a few questions about Friends. The interpreter of Rachel, who readily admits that the American sitcom is “the best thing that ever happened to him”, had to close the debate on a cult scene that involves his character.

In the American sitcom launched in 1994, Rachel had a tumultuous relationship with Ross, played by David Schwimmer. The couple, whose ups and downs have punctuated the series, is the source of a question that continues to divide fans.

“Ross made a mistake”

In Season 3, while their relationship was falling apart, Monica’s roommate suggested they take a break. Considering that it was a final break, Ross had gone to console himself in the arms of another. Which had led to their real separation.

Faced with the team of “C to you”, Jennifer Aniston returned to the subject. “The truth is that it really was a break”, she finally decided. The actress recognizes in the name of her character that she “wanted them to stay together” before adding that Ross “made a mistake”.

Words that agree with those of his former playing partner, David Schwimmer. Invited to Jimmy Fallon’s talk show in 2020, the actor also gave his opinion on the matter. “That’s not even a question, of course they were on a break!”, he reacted. End of debate, so…


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