What is Fubar, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s muscular series worth for Netflix?



As in True Lies, espionage is a family affair here. Entertainment in 8 X 52 minutes that combines action and humor.

Diamond district in Antwerp. Sympathy for the Devil in the background. Close-up of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s face lighting a cigar. Classy in a suit, the man gets into a full-throttle sports coupé. Stops, puts on a fireman’s uniform and catches up with the truck which passes all howling sirens… In a handful of scenes, Fubar goes to the heart of the mythology of the spy.

However, the hour of retirement has come for our agent. It is time for him to devote himself to his loved ones and to win back his wife. Alas, here he is sent for a last mission in Colombia where he discovers that his daughter (Monica Barbaro, seen in Top gun: Maverick ), supposed to work in the humanitarian field, also belongs to the CIA. By teaming up, they will finally get to know each other…

Less self-mockery than Stallone

After Sylvester Stallone, another sacred monster of Hollywood action cinema becomes the hero of a series. The 75-year-old actor wears rather handsome and sure. “You’re the fastest 65 year old white man on the planet“, launches his assistant without irony – but with a bit of cheating – and one could be tempted to validate. If the scenario of this family series, created by Nick Santora (Prison Break, Scorpio), in the spirit of True Lies, does not shine by its originality, action and humor are at the rendezvous. We can regret that Schwarzenegger, champion of self-mockery – the scenes with his wife Maria Shriver in Last Action Hero, in particular, were hilarious – don’t play that register so much anymore. Unlike a Stallone, who does not hesitate to make fun of his age and his image in the series Tulsa King on Paramount+ or even the movie The Samaritan on Prime Video. But, with no other pretension than to entertain, Fubar performs its function effectively.

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