Who is Brad Pitt?

Who is Brad Pitt?


Brad Pitt is one of the most recognizable movie stars in Hollywood. He has been an Academy Award-winning actor for over two decades, with a career that includes numerous box office hits and critical successes. From his breakout role as Tyler Durden in Fight Club to playing intriguing characters like Benjamin Button or Rusty Ryan from Ocean’s Eleven, Brad Pitt has become synonymous with excellence on the big screen.

Born William Bradley “Brad” Pitt in December 1963 in Shawnee, Oklahoma USA, he started out as an extra during college while studying journalism at the University of Missouri before changing majors to theatre arts after taking acting classes there. His first sliver of success came when he made appearances on shows such as Dallas and Growing Pains in 1987–88 but it wasn’t until 1991s Thelma & Louise where people really began to take notice of him. After pocketing $6 million dollars for this blockbuster hit – more than any other actors had earned – roles followed by way of Legends Of The Fall (1994), Seven (1995), 12 Monkeys (1996) and Meet Joe Black (1998). It was then that we saw what many believed to be some masterful performances from Mr Pittsburgh – cementing his position amongst Hollywood’s A-list elite for the majority part since then; both commercially and critically acclaimed..

The early 2000’s drew attention away from just movies about romance or war — instead focusing on action films like Spy Game Peopla Magazine named ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ three times respectively which put him firmly back into mainstream consciousness along with starring/producing Troy(2004). Even though transforming himself again into Benjamin button took 5 hours costume fittings everyday plus use computer effects, things continued moving upwards thanks mainly due collaboration between him me Angelina Jolie played significant Roll here they became seen Couple rather duo were dubbed ‘Brangelina.’ Both received international media coverage their relationship making them world famous, features Forbes Celebrity 100 list regularly cite being highest paid entertainer 2010 earning. Endorser roles includes products across industries ranging wines accessories and charity support. Various communities helped propel even greater stardom attracting fans all sides that ultimately culminated further prestigious award recognitions, including Oscar nominations.

Pitt began acting when he was just nine years old but it wasn’t until 1987 that he earned mainstream recognition with a role on the Fox TV series Dallas. In 1991, director Ridley Scott cast him as Jody Salinger in Thelma & Louise—a move many consider to be Pitt’s breakout role into full-fledged leading man status. From there came starring roles in films like Interview with the Vampire (1994), Seven Years In Tibet (1997) and Meet Joe Black (1998)—in which made him an A-list star both critically acclaimed and commercially successful alike.

As crazy as it may sound, Brad didn’t win any awards or nominations until 1995 – where he took home the Golden Globe for best supporting actor from Twelve Monkeys.

This quickly put Brad atop every list of who will dominate Hollywood after this movie success. His reputation grew even further following lauded performances alongside George Clooney & Julia Roberts —Ocean’s Eleven being one example among several others movies they did together over past 15+ years now!

From 2000 onwards, he went back to serious dramas such as Babel (2006), Moneyball (2011)–for which received multiple award nominations —The Big Short (2015), War Machine (2017); Ad Astra 2019; Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood 2019 were all spectacularly entertaining pieces as well! Not forgetting about numerous productions/ventures under Plan B production company too that have been quite noteworthy – World War Z 2013; Selma 2014 etc. Aside from his professional life, Pitt is also very committed towards making contributions socially through involvement charities /other philanthropic activities especially those concerning children welfare causes worldwide throughout recent times not only speaking out publicly against political regimes other policies related to similar big topics, yet always lending helping hand anytime needed.

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