Who is Dwayne Johnson?

Who is Dwayne Johnson?


Dwayne Johnson, commonly known as “The Rock” is an American actor, producer and professional wrestler. He has achieved global fame for his work in the entertainment industry as well as his success in sports-entertainment.

Johnson was born on May 2nd 1972 in Hayward, California to Ata and Rocky Johnson. His father was a professional wrestler while his mother belonged to Samoan royalty.

Johnson began wrestling professionally at age 18 and quickly rose to fame within the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). During this time he adopted the nickname “The Rock” which would become synonymous with him throughout his career. After achieving success within WWF/WWE, The Rock transitioned into acting where he became one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors appearing in films such as Fast & Furious series, Baywatch and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle amongst many others. He also appeared on Saturday Night Live multiple times hosting five episodes between 2000-2009.

In addition to acting and wrestling Dwayne Johnson has also ventured into business opening several companies including Seven Bucks Productions which produces television shows such films; Teremana Tequila Company; Project Rock apparel line; Under Armour collaboration; The Titan Games reality competition show on NBC; and most recently launching Young Living Essential Oils company. With all these ventures combined it is no surprise that Forbes magazine listed him among their top 10 highest paid male actors for 2020 earning $87 million dollars over 12 months, ending June 2020.

Overall Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a multi-talented individual who continues to be successful both personally and professionally across various industries from movies, television shows, businesses, and professional wrestling. As one of today’s biggest stars there seems no limit what he can do!

Johnson was born on May 2nd 1972 in Hayward California to a family of wrestlers. His father Rocky Johnson and grandfather Peter Maivia were both professional wrestlers; his mother Ata Maivia was a wrestling promoter.

From a young age, Johnson showed promise as an athlete and excelled at football while attending Freedom High School in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. After high school he attended college at University of Miami where he played for their nationally ranked football team before signing with the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League (CFL).

After two seasons playing with the CFL, Johnson decided to pursue his dream of becoming a professional wrestler like his father and grandfather before him. In 1996 he signed with World Wrestling Federation (WWF) under the name “The Rock” which quickly became one of its biggest stars due to his charisma and larger than life persona inside and outside the ring. During this time period The Rock would become WWF/WWE champion eight times holding several other titles during that span as well including Intercontinental Champion 5 times & Tag Team Champion twice among others making him one of WWE’s greatest ever performers.

In addition to wrestling Dwayne branched out into acting appearing in films such as ‘The Mummy Returns’ (2001), ‘Fast Five’ (2011), ‘Central Intelligence’ (2016), and Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle (2017). He has since gone on to star in numerous blockbusters including ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ (2019) , ‘Jungle Cruise’ (2020) , ‘Red Notice’ (2021) amongst others establishing himself not only as an action movie star but also producing many projects through Seven Bucks Productions company which he co-founded alongside ex wife Dany Garcia.

Today Dwayne is still going strong having recently starred opposite Emily Blunt in Disney’s blockbuster hit ‘Jungle Cruise’. With over 20 years experience across multiple industries from pro sports & entertainment there’s no doubt that Dwayne will continue entertaining fans for years come!

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