Who is Emma Watson?

Who is Emma Watson?


Emma Watson is an English actress, model and activist who rose to fame playing the beloved character of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series. Born on April 15th 1990 in Paris, France she moved to Oxfordshire when she was five years old where her parents worked as lawyers. She attended Dragon School before going on to study at Headington School for Girls and then later went onto Brown University where she studied English Literature graduating with a degree in 2014.

Watson’s career began when casting agents saw her perform during school plays which led them offering her roles within television commercials and films such as The Tale Of Despereaux (2008) Ballet Shoes (2007), My Week With Marilyn (2011). However it wasn’t until 2001 that Emma became internationally recognised after being casted by director Chris Columbus for one of the lead roles alongside Daniel Radcliffe & Rupert Grintin JK Rowling’s Harry Potter franchise; this role would go on become iconic amongst fans worldwide due its success over 8 consecutive movies from 2001- 2011. During this time Watson also starred other successful projects including Perks Of Being A Wallflower (2012), Beauty And The Beast(2017) and Little Women(2019).

In addition to acting Emma has been involved with various charitable causes throughout her life most notably becoming a Goodwill Ambassador For UN Women In July 2014; since then she has used platform speak out about gender equality issues around world through campaigns like #HeForShe which encourages men support women rights movement. Her work earned recognition from Forbes magazine naming “The World’s Most Powerful Woman” 2017 list along many awards nominations including MTV Movie Awards Best Female Performance award 2018.

Since leaving Hogwarts behind Emma has gone from strength-to-strength appearing in various critically acclaimed films including Noah(2014), Beauty And The Beast(2017) Little Women(2019).

In addition, since 2018 Watson has also become heavily involved with activism working closely with UN Women Goodwill Ambassador advocating gender equality through their #HeForShe campaign which encourages men around world stand together against sexism inequality. Her work this area earned recognition Time Magazine naming amongst 100 most influential people 2017.

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