Who is Ian McKellen?

Who is Ian McKellen?


Ian McKellen is an English actor who has made a name for himself as one of the most renowned and acclaimed actors in film, television, and stage. He has been acting since his teenage years, beginning with local theater productions before moving on to larger roles in films such as “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, “X-Men” franchise, and more recently “Beauty and the Beast.”

McKellen was born on May 25th 1939 in Burnley Lancashire England. His mother was a housewife while his father worked at Rolls Royce Engineering Works. From an early age he displayed an interest in performing arts which led him to attend Bolton School Boys Division where he performed plays written by William Shakespeare. After graduating from school he attended St Catharine’s College Cambridge where he studied English literature but also continued to perform in various college productions including “Love’s Labours Lost”, “Twelfth Night” and many others.

In 1964 McKellen began working professionally when he joined the Belgrade Theatre Coventry production of A Man for All Seasons directed by Peter Hall establishing himself as a sought after actor over time appearing on both stage and screen often playing characters that were powerful yet vulnerable at times such as Gandalf from The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy or Magneto from X-Men Franchise amongst others. In addition to being well known for his acting repertoire McKellen is also celebrated for his activism especially within LGBT rights having come out publicly during 1988 after Section 28 legislation had been passed, making it illegal to promote homosexuality through teaching or media content, leading him to become one of the most visible figures regarding LGBT rights issues internationally becoming Patron of Stonewall UK charity organization dedicated towards this cause among other efforts throughout his career .

Ian McKellen continues to be active today not only starring in movies but also producing them along with continuing his work related towards LGBT Rights causes inspiring numerous people around the world with both performances and actions alike proving that talent combined with commitment can make all dreams come true no matter what they may be.

McKellen was born on May 25th 1939 in Burnley, Lancashire to Margery Lois (née Sutcliffe) and Denis Murray McKellen, a civil engineer. He attended Bolton School where he developed an interest in performing arts. After completing his studies at Cambridge University, he began working as an actor with the National Youth Theatre Company before joining Laurence Olivier’s National Theatre Company.

He made his breakthrough performance on Broadway when cast as Edward II opposite Derek Jacobi’s Gaveston in 1969; this led him to be nominated for a Tony Award for Best Actor that same year. In 1977 he appeared alongside Maggie Smith’s Desdemona Ophelia Titania Queen Elizabeth I at London’s Royal Court theatre which earned him further recognition from critics around the world.

In 1981 McKellen was awarded Commander of the Order of British Empire (CBE), followed by Knight Bachelor four years later for services to performing arts – making him one of only two actors ever to receive such awards during their career life-time! His other accolades include six Laurence Olivier Awards nominations throughout various plays including Macbeth (1980), Wild Honey (1984), Richard III (1991), and Amadeus (1992). Additionally several honorary doctorates have been bestowed upon him since 1992 due not only being highly esteemed within acting industry but also openly advocating rights LGBT individuals through Stonewall charity events over decades past too.

His most famous movie roles are undoubtedly those obtained after 2000: Gandalf from The Lord Of The Rings trilogy which earned multiple academy award nominations plus winnings; Xavier/Magneto X-Men movies series amongst others like Gods And Monsters (1998). But it doesn’t stop there – having recently starred Sherlock Holmes franchise alongside Robert Downey Jr., or voicing Cogsworth Beauty Beast 2017 live action remake proves how versatile yet captivatingly brilliant this man truly is. No wonder why Time Magazine named Sir Ian one ‘100 Most Influential People World’ decade ago now still remains relevant today.

Overall, Sir Ian McKellan has had an amazing career spanning almost five decades filled with memorable performances across different mediums proving himself time again masterful stage screen presence that will continue delighting audiences generations come!

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