Who is Seann William Scott?

Who is Seann William Scott?


Seann William Scott is an American actor, comedian and producer. He is best known for his role as Steve Stifler in the popular comedy films American Pie (1999) and its sequels. He has also appeared in several other films such as Dude, Where’s My Car? (2000), The Rundown (2003), Role Models (2008), Goon (2011) and Super Troopers 2 (2018).

Scott was born on October 3rd 1976 in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. He attended Park High School where he starred in school plays and took part in sports teams such as football, basketball and track & field. After graduating high school he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting.

After appearing on television shows such as Boy Meets World, Walker Texas Ranger and Charmed, Scott landed his breakthrough role of “Steve Stifler” the wild-man character from the movie American Pie which made him famous worldwide. His performance earned him MTV Movie Award nominations for Best Breakthrough Male Performance along with Best Kiss shared with Mena Suvari for their scene together at band camp.

Since then Seann William Scott has gone onto appear in many films including Road Trip (2000), Old School (2003), The Dukes of Hazzard (2005), Mr Woodcock (2007), and Cop Out (2010). Most recently he played Doug Glatt opposite Jay Baruchel’s Pat Angottiin Goon: Last Of The Enforcers sequel. Seann also voices Crash Bandicoot since 1998 video game series until present day games like Skylanders Imaginators that released this year 2016.

In addition to acting, Scott is also involved with charity work through organizations such as Feeding America; a national organization that helps provide food banks across America with healthy meals so families won’t go hungry during times of crisis or need. In 2010 Seann was awarded an honorary degree by Bemidji State University located near his hometown of Cottage Grove Minnesota – making him one of few actors who have been given an honorary degree from a college or university following recognition for their contributions to film industry.

Overall it’s clear that Seann William Scott is not only a talented actor but someone who makes time out of his busy schedule to help those less fortunate than himself – making him even more admirable.

Scott has become one of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces over the years. His breakout performance came as Steve Stifler in 1999’s American Pie – a role he reprised for three sequels. Since then, he has appeared in numerous other comedies such as Road Trip (2000), Dude Where’s My Car? (2001) and Just Before I Go (2015).

In addition to comedic roles, Seann William Scott has also ventured into action-oriented films like The Rundown (2003), Cop Out (2010), Bulletproof Monk (2003), and Goon: Last of the Enforcers (2017). In 2018, he starred alongside Damon Wayans Jr., Terry Crews and Rob Rigglein the action-comedy movie Super Troopers 2.

Outside of acting, Seann William Scott is an avid sports fan who loves football and hockey. He’s also had several voiceover gigs including Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (2009) and Escape From Planet Earth (2013). In 2020, he made his return to TV when he joined Fox’s comedy series “Bless The Harts”as Wayne Edwards.

Over two decades since making his debut, Seann William Scott continues to be a beloved figure by fans all around world. His performances have delighted audiences time after time proving that this actor isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

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