Who is Steven Spielberg?

Who is Steven Spielberg?


Steven Spielberg is one of the most iconic and influential directors in modern cinema. With over a dozen Academy Awards, dozens more nominations, and some of the highest-grossing films ever released, his name has become synonymous with cinematic excellence.

Born on December 18th 1946 in Cincinnati Ohio, Steven Allan Spielberg was always interested in film making from an early age. While still a student at Saratoga High School he made his first amateur movie using his father’s Super 8mm camera – ‘The Last Gunfight’. After graduating from high school he went to California State University Long Beach to study Film where he developed even further as artistically creative director and producer; after being rejected for admission into USC’s prestigious film program (which ironically later gave him an honorary degree).

It wasn’t until 1969 that Steven started getting recognition when Universal Studios signed him up following the success of ‘Duel’. His big break came shortly afterwards with Jaws which became one of biggest box office successes ever and established what would be known as Spielberg’s trademark: heartwarming stories combined with thrilling action sequences.

Over the next two decades many classic movies were produced under Spielberg’s direction such as E.T., Indiana Jones trilogy, Schindler’s List , Jurassic Park series and Saving Private Ryan. He also founded Amblin Entertainment production company along with Kathleen Kennedy & Frank Marshall which proved very successful producing blockbusters like Back To The Future Trilogy & Gremlins.

In 2002 Dreamworks SKG was created by Jeffrey Katzenberg teaming up again this time around with David Geffen joining them alongside Steven himself thus becoming another great source for quality entertainment content ranging from animated classics like Shrek franchise or Kung Fu Panda till critically acclaimed dramas like American Beauty or War Of The Worlds .

As well as directing feature films, Stephen has been involved in various aspects related to filmmaking including co-founding DreamWorks Animation, executive producing TV shows (e.g Band Of Brothers), authoring books about filmmaking techniques/tips plus creating video games such as Boom Blox Bash Party (for Wii) & Rise Of Nations Gold Edition (PC).

Apart from all these achievements Mr Spiegelberg remains active today continuing to make Hollywood magic while inspiring generations worldwide through his amazing work! Steven Spielberg is one of the most iconic and influential filmmakers in Hollywood history. A master storyteller, he has directed some of the biggest films ever made—including E.T., Jaws, Raiders of The Lost Ark, Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan. He has won three Academy Awards for Best Director (Schindler’s List; Saving Private Ryan) as well as two Golden Globe Awards for Best Picture (Empire Of The Sun; Munich). His work continues to inspire generations of moviegoers around the world.

Throughout his career Spielberg has gone onto direct dozens upon dozens more projects ranging from thrillers such as Duel (1971), Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (1977); romantic comedies like Always (1989) or dramas like Amistad (1997). Many are considered modern classics thanks largely due to them being crafted together so beautifully yet often contain complex themes dealing with loss/regret, morality & relationships between characters.

He also established himself outside directing through initiatives such as Dreamworks SKG studios founded alongside Jeffrey Katzenberg & David Geffen back 1995 thus giving him greater control over how movies were produced & marketed across different platforms while ensuring financial success too.

Aside from cinema though it could be said much credit must go towards philanthropy efforts set up help disadvantaged people both domestically US abroad e.g setting up Shoah foundation 1994 combat Holocaust denial anti-Semitism hate speech amongst other causes close heart. Throughout lifetime dedication, charity causes since 1988 alone estimated to have raised $2 billion for various organisations worldwide.

Finally although still active today few directors can match impact left behind by Steven Spielberg whose works spanning five decades remain timeless testament skill talent storytelling capabilities creative genius!

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