Who is Will Smith?

Who is Will Smith?


Will Smith is an American actor and musician who has been delighting audiences for decades. Born in 1968, he grew up as the son of a Philadelphia school administrator and began his career performing on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. His acting performances have earned him two Grammys, four Golden Globe Awards, three Academy Award nominations and countless other awards.

In addition to film roles, Will Smith is also highly regarded for his musical contributions; with hits such as Men in Black, Gettin Jiggy Wit It” and Wild Wild West among many others.

As one of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces, Will Smith has starred in some of the biggest box office successes ever made including Independence Day (1996), Bad Boys (1995) I Am Legend (2007) Hancock (2008) Seven Pounds (2008), Men In Black 3 (2012). He often takes risk with unconventional roles like playing a con man turned superhero in “Hancock” or portraying real life events such as Muhammad Ali’s fight against racism portrayed through biopic Ali which earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor category.

In recent years Will Smith was seen more behind camera than before it producing movies like Concussion starring himself, Focus starring Margot Robbie & Suicide Squad where he essayed iconic character Deadshot. He even went on to do voiceover work lending his vocal chords to popular animated series Disney XD’s Miles from Tomorrowland alongside inspiring documentaries such as One Strange Rock narrated by him airing on National Geographic Channel.

Beyond all this success lies the heartwarming philanthropic side that will smith portrays donating money towards causes related to Cancer Research & Education alongwith encouraging young students through lectures at various colleges across US instilling entrepreneurial spirit within them while creating jobs around America too!

Having accomplished so much already at 50+ years old there seems no stopping Mr Smith anytime soon whose charismatic personality continues winning hearts worldwide! Will Smith is a beloved actor, musician and producer who has been in the entertainment industry for decades. He’s most well-known for his roles in films such as Men In Black, The Pursuit of Happyness and Bad Boys. His career began when he was just sixteen years old starring on NBC’s Fresh Prince Of Bel Air which ran from 1990 to 1996. Since then, Will has gone on to become one of Hollywood’s biggest stars with an Academy Award nomination under his belt and millions of fans around the world.

Born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in 1968, Will grew up learning about hip hop culture from friends at school while also taking part in theatre classes outside of school hours.

It wasn’t long before this raw talent caught the attention of producers and directors alike leading him to be casted into music videos alongside DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince followed by TV sitcoms like Alfonso Ribeiro’s Silver Spoons (1986). By 1988 he had made it big enough to release two studio albums that went platinum; putting him firmly on the map as one half of rap duo ‘DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’ which earned them a Grammy award after their hit single “Summertime”.

Throughout his time acting on television shows, Will continued developing skills behind the camera becoming an independent film director with movies such as Six Degrees Of Separation (1993) gaining positive reviews worldwide – propelling him further onto bigger projects throughout 1995 including Independence Day (1996), Enemy Of The State (1998) plus Wild West comedy movie “Men In Black” released 1997 where we see Will play Agent Jay – giving us some iconic lines along side Tommy Lee Jones’ character Agent Kay.

As if being known as Hollywood royalty isn’t enough already; you can now find Will back performing music again releasing collaborations with children Trey Smith & Willow Smith + joining forces too often with wife actress Jada Pinkett-Smith producing powerful documentaries together titled Red Table Talk that focus upon mental health awareness plus many other topics surrounding modern day life shared over social media platforms reaching hundreds upon thousands!

To sum things off nicely though: no matter what project or genre he dives head first into next – We know it will be something special because there is only one true ‘Fresh Prince’.

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