Will Smith’s bodyguard goes to First Dates to find love



He also worked for Arab sheikhs


Dody met Rilis on the Cuatro program, a language teacher who put him to the test

Will Smith's bodyguard goes to First Dates to find love
Dody, Will Smith’s bodyguard, in First Datesmediaset

First Dates presented in its delivery issued on Wednesday, May 17 to Dody, a 37-year-old man who came from Guadalajara. The bachelor arrived at the restaurant from space Four and Carlos Sobera I asked him what he does. He revealed that it has been Will Smith’s Bodyguardamong other celebrities, and also Arab sheikhs in Marbella.

The participant explained on the program that working a lot had made it difficult for him to have a stable partner. “I like feminist womenthat they like their femininity”, he declared. Later he said that he was interested in finding a “simple, normal and natural” person.

Will Smith's bodyguard goes to First Dates to find love
Dody in First Datesmediaset

Your appointment in the program

Rilisa 53-year-old language teacher who lives in Madrid, was the appointment of Dody in First Dates. “I can’t stand that he hasn’t read more than two books, that he smokes, that he doesn’t have a general culture and that he doesn’t speak languages,” she explained. She exclaimed upon seeing the bodyguard: “How handsome!”. He highlighted his positive energy and confessed: “My heart fluttered.”

The two chatted at the bar and it didn’t take long for them to connect. When the newcomer discovered that her companion was of Arab origin, I spoke to him in his language and they began to review others that they were driving. “My first impression has been very good, because it seems so cute…”, she commented in front of the camera.

Will Smith's bodyguard goes to First Dates to find love
Dody and Rilis at the First Dates restaurantmediaset

When they went to the table, Dody I took the chair away Rilis, a detail that he loved. he he began to sing later, pleasantly surprising her. The conversation continued through dinner with fluency, but there was a moment of some tension. The teacher put his date to the test to check your knowledge.

“It’s going to depend on you answering this question correctly for us to have the second date. My birthday It’s the day of the French Revolution“, he said. The bachelor did not hit the nail on the head with the date after several attempts, until she told him that it was July 14.

The two participants had dessert in one of the restaurant’s booths and positively valued their meeting. “you and me we have a beautiful future“, he affirmed Rilis.

When making the final decision, both made it clear that they wanted to see each other again. “I will have a second date because he is chivalrous, romantic and they had never sung to me in my life,” she said. Dody He shared that he would love to meet again.

Will Smith's bodyguard goes to First Dates to find love
Dody and Rilis in First Datesmediaset

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